Finished my project, I feel very happy how it looks. I have always done very visual projects, with a lot of effects. However, for my FMP, I chose a simple idea, with less effects and where the most important is the content. I think, in this project, the message is more important than the visual part. I like to transmit my experiences to this project. From my experience, England gives us an amazing experience. Most of us came here to learn English, but we stay for the culture and the opportunities. I would like to show in this documentary, the point of view of foreign people living and working, in Liverpool.

I feel that the progress went fine. I tried to have everything tied but sometimes I could not have, because of the availability of the interviewees. For a next project, I am going to have everything more prepared.

I have used Fina Cut Pro for editing my project:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.17.04

And I have used After Effect for the animation, which are in the introduction to the programme and the interviewees and for the credits:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.20.15

I have used this blog to put all the progress and the solved problems during the production. I have a notebook where I was writing down all my ideas and feedbacks. I think, to have a notebook is very important, because it is easier and quicker and you can carry it everywhere.

Before finished my project, I had some feedback from my teacher, which guided me to improve the project and making looked more professional. They helped me with the subtitles, the introduction and the style.

The feedback, from the viewing of my documentary, was very good. I asked them to say something good and something that they missed or they would change.

-Monica’s feedback:

  • I loved Nuria’s shots. They are really colourful and well lit and I identified with her. I like the way that the interviewees are presented and how, the documentary is organized. I think it is very easy to follow.
  • I would change Raim’s shots, because they are all inside of a building and they are a little bit dark. I would love to see more Liverpool shots and I needed more moments with just music.

– Pepi’s feedback:

  • I loved the introduction of the documentary with the flags in movement. I think is very original and dynamic. I like what Nuria says and Raim’s expressions. It is very funny when he speaks with Scouse accent.
  • I have missed more shots of Javier dancing.

– Bryan’s feedback:

  • I liked Nuria’s interview. She speaks very clear and the shots represent her daily life, I think. I like the shots of Javier dancing and the frame of the interview shots.
  • I wanted to see more of Javier and more Liverpool shots.

– Tania’s feedback:

  • I liked the introduction because it is different and the plane as an icon. I like the end, with the slow motion and the interviewees smiling.
  • I wanted to see more videos of Raim doing something different or outside

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