Language problems

The language problems are one of my main problems in this course. Because I have to write a lot of essays and scripts. In this project, I had to subtitle Nuria and Javier, because they spoke in Spanish. Sometimes, it was very hard, because I had to write Spanish expressions to English and that this make any sense to English people. For the script of the voice over, I needed help, as well. My teacher helped me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.13.55 Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.14.17

For example, in my first script I wrote: ‘Between his walls’ which in Spanish means: inside the city but in a more poetic way. However, it does not mean that in English, so, my teacher, changed for ‘within its boundaries’.

It is very difficult thinking and writing down your thoughts and what you want to say in a correct English.

Differences between Spanish and English

Spanish has a strong correspondence between the sound of a word and its spelling. The irregularity of English in this respect causes predictable problems when Spanish learners write a word they first meet in spoken language or say a word first met in written language. A specific problem concerns the spelling of English words with double letters. Spanish has only 3 double-letter combinations cc, ll, rr. English, in comparison, has 5 times as many. Spanish learners often reduce English double letters to a single one, or overcompensate by doubling a letter unnecessarily; for example hopping for the present participle of hope.


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