Risk Assessment

Producer: Alba Gomez Moreno Organisation The City of Liverpool College
Production Address: Myrtle Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L7 7JA Producer / Editor




Start date 6.05.2015 End date 21.05.2015

Outline locations involved – indicate any which are hostile environments

7 Avondale Avenue, Wirral, CH62 8DB

Myrtle Street, Liverpool, L7 7JA

Hazard listselect your hazards from the list below and use these to complete Part B
Situational hazards Tick Physical / chemical hazards Tick Health hazards Tick
Assault by person Contact with cold liquid / vapour Disease causative agent
Attack by animal x Contact with cold surface Infection
Breathing compressed gas Contact with hot liquid / vapour Allergic reaction
Cold environment Contact with hot surface Lack of food / water
Crush by load Electric shock Lack of oxygen
Drowning Explosive blast Physical fatigue x
Entanglement in moving machinery Explosive release of stored pressure Repetitive action
High atmospheric pressure Fire Static body posture
Hot environment Hazardous substance Stress / anxiety
Manual handling x Ionizing radiation Venom poisoning
Object falling, moving or flying Laser light    
Obstruction / exposed feature Lightning strike Environmental hazards
Sharp object / material Noise Litter
Shot by firearm Non-ionizing radiation Nuisance noise / vibration
Slippery surface Stroboscopic light Physical damage
Trap in moving machinery Vibration x Waste substance released into air
Trip hazard     Waste substance released into soil / water  
Vehicle impact / collision Managerial / organisational hazards    
Falls from height Management factors (lack of communication, co-operation, co-ordination and competence)
Risk matrixuse this to determine risk for each hazard i.e. ‘how bad and how likely’  

Likelihood of Harm


Severity of Harm


e.g. <1 in 1000 chance

Very unlikely

e.g. 1 in 200 chance


e.g. 1 in 50 chance


e.g. 1 in 10 chance


e.g. >1 in 3 chance

Negligible e.g. small bruise Trivial Trivial Trivial Low Low
Slight e.g. small cut, deep bruise Trivial Trivial Low Low Medium
Moderate e.g. deep cut, torn muscle Trivial Low Medium Medium High
Severe   e.g. fracture, loss of consciousness Low Medium High High Extremely high
Very Severe e.g. death, permanent disability Low Medium High Extremely high Extremely high
Risk Assessment Form – Part B  


Activity1 – Each individual activity you are proposing: Location – where this activity will take place: Dates / times:

List what could cause harm from this activity

e.g. falls from height, trip hazard, fire, etc.

Who exposed

List who might be harmed from this activity

e.g. staff, contractors, contributors, public, etc.


For each hazard, decide level of risk as if you were to do the activity without your controls

Control measures

For each hazard, list the measures you will be taking to minimise the risk identified

e.g. appointing competent persons, training received, planning and rehearsals, use of personal protective equipment, provision of first aid, etc.


For each hazard, decide level of risk once all your controls are in place

Attack by animal


Nuria and Javier have a pet and they can hit the tripod while we are filming


Shut them in another room  


Manual handling


I have to take my kit to the locations Be careful and try to get a taxi or bus.  




When Javier is dancing the floor can vibrate.

When Nuria is driving the car.

Use the tripod and film in the studio.

Be careful with the camera, and take just shot videos.



Physical fatigue


When I film Nuria driving, I can feel fatigue because I’m in a car in movement. Take short videos and have good air circulation.  


Continue on separate sheet if necessary

1 – complete separate table for each activity     2 – from hazard list in Part A     3 – from risk matrix in Part A


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