Researching about Documentary


Documentary began when the first films were invented by the Lumiere brothers in 1895. They created a camera and filmed clips capturing the life around them. These were called ‘Actualites’. So, documentaries have been since the first film. They have  developed through the years. There are 4 types of documentary, such as: expository, observational, interactive and reflective.

My documentary will be expository. What is it a expository documentary? According with is:

“A very traditional form of documentary in which an unseen speaker performs a voiceover commentary that literally explains the images that we are seeing. It is the form often associated with wild life or historic documentaries, in which the viewer might feel in need of information about what they are seeing. The audience is not particularly ‘empowered’ by this kind of approach, finding itself in a subordinate role listening to the version of events that the filmmakers choose to prioritise.”

Generation of ideas

According with the book “Creative Documentary: Theory and practice” 

‘If you want to get a good idea, get lots of ideas.’

This book explains the process of a documentary, since the moment that you have the idea till when you finish it. They give tips and guide you to do a good documentary. For example, they speak about the generation of the documentary and they talk about the stages on it: brainstorming, mind-mapping, hitch-hiking: building on other people’s ideas and free wheeling; associative thinking.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.38.21


Willma De Jong (2011), Creative Documentary: Theory and practice


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