In Spain, there is a TV Programme call ‘Españoles por el mundo’ (Spanish around the world) which is my main influence. In this programme, they present the city through the interviewees and their life. I like of this programme that it is very interesting what they say and the way that is edit. It is very dynamic and the music supports the videos, perfectly. I want to do an introduction similar as this one, with short videos showing the city.

This documentary is about El Salvadorian immigrant in United States. She speaks about her experiences and the story she tells is indicative of a much greater societal narrative. From this documentary, I like the strong narrative and the way that it is edited with the voice over of the protagonist and the videos supporting her words.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson examines the public’s anxieties about immigration and reveals the facts of an issue that has transformed British politics. With Britain braced for a new wave of migrants from eastern Europe, a subject once regarded as toxic is now at the forefront of political discussion.

This documentary is similar as ‘Españoles por el mundo’. Being an participatory documentary and showing the real life of people. In that case, English and Immigrant.


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